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How We Work

A personalized agency for those who need a reliable support to buy or to sell a property in Spain

Buying (or selling) a property is an important step in life and when you´re living abroad, the decision becomes even more difficult, especially if you do not know the language and the local rules.

That is why we decided to create HomesSense, a new concept real estate company in Spain, that really makes the difference by offering tailor-made services to fully support you in all the aspects of this important decision, which you sometimes have to take or at least ripen from your own country, without being able to travel often to Spain for property visits and paperwork.

From the very beginning, we provide you with guidelines on the whole purchase/sale process in Spain and the most accurate answers to any of your questions while going through each one of the steps.

To be ready when it´s time for you to buy, especially when a great investment opportunity arises and you don´t want to lose it (catch good opportunities, usually means moving fast), we can prepare your acquisition project at an early stage before traveling to Spain and visit the properties we´ve been selecting for you, according to your needs, budget and timeline.

Our services can be provided in English, French, Spanish and Italian, to assist you at any stage.


Highly personalized attention

We offer to our clients a very personalized approach. We believe we have to dedicate you time and attention, treat you like we would like to be treated if we´d make such an important decision as buying a property. We focus primarily on understanding your needs to best satisfy them.

We help you out finding the best quality-price property and the more appropriate spot, depending on your priority:

  • Is the property for your own and exclusive use or rather a pure investment?
  • Would you like a holiday home or for your residency?  With the option to renting it out when you’re not using it?
  • Are you interested in buying to obtain the Spanish Golden Visa for permanent residency and access to all Europe?
  • Could it be in the future a place where you actually plan to live with all your family, and even to retire? Shall it be located close to some specific facilities like international schools and hospitals?

Moreover, we focus our property search in a different way depending on whether you’re looking for an individual villa in a quite spot in the middle of the nature or rather a townhouse or an apartment in an all equipped kids friendly compound at a walking distance to the beach. Also, some of our clients just want to find a place close to the best spots to go out and relax, while others want to dedicate their time playing golf or other outdoor activities.


Constant reporting & detailed explanation

As well as we believe dedicating time listening to you and understanding with attention your investment purposes is fundamental to have you satisfied, we also think you can only take the right decision if you receive the right information.

That is why, even before starting any property search, we brief you on each step of the Spanish acquisition process, explain to you the purchase requirements according to local rules and provide you with guidelines about expenses and taxes related to your future acquisition.

Once you have a clear overview of the purchasing process in Spain and we´ve clearly understood your investment target, we search for the most appropriate properties and report to you regularly with all the details related to the properties we are selecting for you. Our reports are very accurate, realistic and include not only the positive points of the properties but also the weaknesses that we may have found (if any).

Also note that we’re constantly paying attention to the possible evolution of your expectations and budget that may change by the time we find “the” property that finally suits you. For us, there is never time loss, but only time dedicated to our client until reaching their full satisfaction.


Complete transparency & cost control

We explain all the process and keep you fully and permanently informed at all times. We work with transparency and report to you any important matter that may affect your acquisition plan.

As far as our duty allows us, we assist you in all the searching and buying process, and try to be the most responsive to any of our clients’ questions.

When questions (beyond our duty) have to be submitted to an expert such as a lawyer or a technician, we guide you to obtain the most appropriate local support, coordinate their intervention and, if you wish so, check that their fees appear appropriate and reasonable.

When reporting to you about the properties we´ve been visiting and selecting for you, we provide you with as much details as possible and include not only the positive points of the properties but also the weaknesses that we may have found (if any).

As a conclusion, be sure that being treated with professionalism doesn´t mean spending more, but rather obtaining a more efficient and focused service.


Full services supported by selected partners

As a real estate agency, we are receiving constant legal support from a major Spanish law firm, with expert departments in real estate, tax and immigration fields.

On your side, if you need a specific support for your investment, we are at your disposal to recommend you selected professionals that are appropriate to your situation and needs, such as lawyers (for legal and tax aspects), bank management departments (to open an account in Spain and in case you need financing) and public notaries (in Spain, any property purchase has to go through a notary).

We can also recommend other specialized company such as decorator, painter, cleaner, gardener, rental agency (in case you wish to rent out your property) or taxi company.

We´ll do our best to allow you facing this acquisition period with serenity.


Focus on Spanish golden visa, an open door to Europe

Spain offers a main advantage for buyers of properties in the peninsula:

Indeed, subject to a series of legal requirements, the main one being to purchase a property of minimum 500,000 euros, a non-European investor can be granted a “permanent” visa for Spain, which give him/her access to the rest of Europe without having to apply for further visa. Such visa can benefit to his family as well.

We can provide you, on demand, more accurate information about this important advantage, specific to Spain.

If you wish, we can also recommend legal experts in this field.


Our client´s satisfaction is our best advertisment

One day a client and his wife that were living abroad and for whom it was difficult understating how to buy in Spain and at what price, told me, after they bought with us, they never felt at any time alone while being supported by our agency, with answers to our questions and detailed reports any time.

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